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Answer each question within a minimum 250 and maximum 350 words, use in-text citation according to the sources used to find the answer, also include the source as a reference. Don’t delete the questions just start answering each question below the question itself. And add the reference below each question.

Question # 1:

Consider a slogan, character, or symbol used in a brand; how does this component contribute to the brand’s equity? Does every brand need to have all the components of a brand? Why or why not? What are the components of your organization’s brand?

NOTE: for the purpose of this questions asked here, my organization name is Keller Williams real estate company.

Question # 2:

this chapter talks about how brands can take on personality traits that resemble what a human’s traits would be. What do you think about this? And give an example of a nonprofit organization which relates to this?

Textbook info: Keller, K. L. (2013). Strategic Brand Management (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

Question # 3

What is co-branding, and why do organizations engage in this type of strategy? Can you provide some examples of co-branding? What criteria would you consider when deciding on a co-branding partner? What are some examples of brand deception?

Question # 4

What approaches does your organization use to monitor the competition? What processes does your organization use to capture, manage, and utilize product data?

NOTE: my organization name is Keller Williams real estate company.

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