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1.Chapter Four

An advertising agency is hired to create a campaign to sell new, high-end gas station coffee drinks to two audiences: middle-aged professionals and college students. How might the campaign differ based on audience values, knowledge, etc.? Commercials? Music? Graphics? Language?


Read the following letter. State one grammatical error, shortcoming, or punctuation error and discuss the proper correction to the error or shortcoming. If a fellow classmate already properly identified an error or shortcoming, please do not discuss it unless you have another suggested change to correct it.

Dear Ms. Orsag:

Your’e May 3 letter in which you claim that the Rigo FAX391 was received in damaged condition has been carefully considered. We inspect all our ma- chines carefully before packing them, and we pack them carefully in strong boxes with Styrofoam supports that hold them snugly. Thus we cannot understand how the damage could have occurred.

Even so, we stand behind our product and will replace any that are damaged. However, we must ask that first you send us the defective one so we can inspect it. After your claim of damage has been verified, we will send you a new one. We regret any inconvenience this situation may have caused you and assure you that problems like this rarely occur in our shipping department.

Scott Hildebrand

3.Active vs Passive Voice

Give examples (ones not used in text) of active and passive voice. Explain when each should be used.

4.Acknowledgment Messages

How can sending acknowledgment messages build goodwill?

5.Discriminatory Language

Pick one sentence and change it to avoid using the discriminatory language.

Any worker who ignores this rule will have his salary reduced.

The typical postman rarely makes mistakes in delivering his mail.

A good executive plans his daily activities.

The committee consisted of a businessman, a banker, and a lady lawyer.

A good secretary screens all telephone calls for her boss and arranges his schedule.

An efficient salesman organizes his calls and manages his time.

Two company representatives attended the conference: a Hispanic engineer and one of our younger managers.

Three people applied for the job, including two well-educated black women.

These parking spaces are strictly for use by the handicapped.

He is one of the best gay designers in the city.

We recommend Mr. Sanchez, one of our oldest managers.

As a Gen Xer, she is very computer savvy.

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