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See Attachment with questions. 6 questions. Western Civilization Quiz Questions. Western Civilization Quiz Questions.

Question 1

The English Peasants’ Revolt of 1381 was sparked by __________.

John Ball

john Calvin

Edward VI

William Bradford

Question 2

The Black Death __________.

lasted roughly from 1120 to 1205

killed roughly 1/3 of the population of Europe

is believed to have been caused by smallpox

resulted in the invention of antibiotics

Question 3

The use of the longbow helped the English defeat the French at __________, for the second time.





Question 4

England and France fought bitterly over control of France during __________.

the Hundred Years’ War

the Thirty Years’ War

the Seven Years’ War

the War of Jenkins’ Ear

Question 5

The English __________ attempted to limit rising peasant wages in the wake of the Black Death.

Wage and Price Control Act

Right to Work Act

Statute of Laborers

National Recovery

Question 6

Match the person on the left with the correct statement to describe them on the right.

Thomas Aquinas

Charles VII

Edward III

Philip VI

Joan of Arc

Henry V

John VI

Edward II

Clement VII

Jan Hus


Medieval critic of Roman Catholic policies


King of France at end of Hundred Years’ War


Fifteenth-century English king who defeated the French at Agincourt


English king who tried to buy grain abroad during the Great Famine


English king whose claims to the French throne sparked the Hundred Years’ War


Pope whose removal by French troops sparked the Great Schism


Byzantine emperor who survived the Black Death


Peasant whose visions inspired French to rally against the English


French king sparking the Hundred Years’ War


Medieval cleric and author of Summa Theologica

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