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Required Chapter: Sample Narrative Criticism – Hess (in Foss)

There are THREE parts to complete this assignment successfully.

There are THREE parts to complete this assignment successfully. For Part I, each student will individually complete a 2-3 page review of one your assigned reading. Reviews should include 1) a summary of the article, 2) identification and description of the key elements of the analysis or findings of the reading, 3) an evaluation of the quality of the analysis, i.e., do you think consider about the issue? and 4) a discussion of whether or not you think this theory, topic, or its application would be helpful to you for your final paper/project. This paper should be uploaded to Canvas ONE WEEK BEFORE the class during which you will lead discussion. These reviews should help you write your questions.

For Part II, you and your partner(s) will provide discussion questions to guide students’ readings and to facilitate the discussion on the day your reading is due. These questions should help make sure students understand basic concepts used or introduced by the readings, get at the main point or contributions of the readings, and promote discuss beyond the reading, i.e., get students to agree, disagree, or apply these concepts to other examples. Using different forms of questions can help you to guide the discussion. For example, start with “define,” “explain,” and “summarize” questions. Then ask “compare and contrast,” “apply x example to y,” and “connect” questions. Finally, ask “challenge,” “evaluate,” and “what do you think?” type questions. Group members should collaborate and decide which questions will be used to guide discussion. Then these agreed upon questions should be e-mailed to me ONE WEEK PRIOR to the day your group will lead discussion. I will e-mail the questions to the rest of the class for you.


For now I need part 1 and 2. I will assign you next part after after you finish them

for part two. 5-10 questions is fine.

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