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-This is a 3-5 page paper. (You will need to answer all questions fully).

-You should have a MINIMUM of three sources for this paper. (You may use the videos

-Times New Roman/12 point font.

1. Think of your own culture and the culture of Spain

a. What major cultural differences would you need to be aware of when working with individuals from this country?

b. How would NOT understanding these cultural differences affect your ability to work with people from this country?

2. Think of your own upbringing and experiences. Think of the videos uploaded

a. Pretend you are the boss of a company. What could you do to ensure that your company was more diverse? How could you make it a place that all people felt comfortable working in? What considerations would you have to make in your hiring practices?

b. We are all unique and diverse in our own way. With your background, what things would you hope to see in the workplace to fit your needs. Why?

3. Find someone who comes from a cultural background different than your own. Ask him or her the three questions below. How do they differ from your own thoughts about these questions?

-What is your favorite holiday and why?

-How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

-What is the most important thing to you when finding a company to work for?

* 1st video…

* 2nd video

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