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Second Writing Assignment – Rubio plans national crackdown on real estate money laundering _ Miami Herald.pdf (I will provide).

Writing Assignment #2

Based on the theories you have learnt, write a two-page (double spaced) paper on the case provided to you. This assignment is built upon the theories you learnt in Module 1 and 2. It will help you evaluate your knowledge of the concepts you are expected to have learnt at the end of this module. It will help you describe theories and apply them to real life situations.

Your paper should discuss the elements of crime and recognize the origins of criminal behavior depicted in this case. Using two different views of crime and two different explanations of crime in the context of different criminological schools of thought, explain what crimes Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio was referring to as ‘dirty money”.

Your paper should address all the significant theoretical concepts of the case. Points will be awarded based on the following criteria:

Assignments’ Rubric (General): Rubrics specific to each assignment is included in the assignment.



Identification of the type of crime


Theoretical explanation of why the offender may have committed the crime


Plagiarism (More than 30%) – If you copy and paste more than 30% without giving credit your score will be ‘0’ for the first incident. If you repeat and it is your second incident, you will be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs.

– 7

Excessive quotations – More than two sentences

– 1 for each quotation

Demonstrate the nexus between crime and prosecution


Explanation of the crime from two different perspectives purported by two different theories of crime


Grammar and other language mechanics, length, submission on time, and format




Turnitin will be used to analyze the originality of your work. APA in-text citations and references are required for any external and textbook material provided. Excessive quotations (more quotes than your own words) will not award points.

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