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Unit 4 Assignment: FAQ Document

To: Technology Advisor

From: New client liaison

Re: New business FAQ

Many of our new clients need preliminary information on software to set up their companies. Please create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document that you can post on the Web or distribute in printed form to our new clients. Please remember to cite all your sources.


Prepare an FAQ document.

To begin this Assignment:

  1. What is (SaaS) Software as a Service?
    1. What are the benefits of SaaS over traditional software?
  2. What is productivity software?
    1. Word processing
    2. Spreadsheet
    3. Presentation
    4. Database
    5. Note-taking
  3. What is PIM (personal information management) software?
    1. Will it be useful for my employees?
  4. What types of software are helpful for small businesses?
    1. What types of software are helpful for large businesses?
  5. What do I need to know about software licenses?
  6. How do I determine which version of software will work on the computers in our business?

When answering these questions, please write 3 to 4 sentences on each topic. Use a minimum of two sources other than your book. Remember to cite your sources.

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