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  • Using Internet research, find an historical event, incident or pattern of influence that is likely to have had an important effect on the technological transfer (from our place to another) or the development of new accounting knowledge, techniques or practices. This could be a recent or an older example: elaborate on the event, and try to place it in its historical context in order that we might be more readily understood by members of the class.
  • Describe what the likely effect of this event may or would be, and try to gauge the magnitude of the long run effect – if it is an old event, or even relatively recent –
  • Describe in your written submission why you think this is important, and be prepared in class to make a 3 to 5 minute commentary on what you have found. I will not call on everyone, but I will pick a small sample…
  • Pass in your written submission in class. Expected length, with your references and supporting reasoning, 1 full pages.

Your write up must be in your own words, not “cut and paste” from the Internet. Provide at least two references.

Remember, I have read hundreds of submissions on this question, so if you want a good grade, put some real effort into this!

Will it still have an impact on accounting, financial reporting or audit twenty years after?

Note that if you cut and paste material, without providing your own commentary and analysis as to what your research findings mean, your grade will suffer!

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