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Project Overview

Wallstreet Investments Ltd. is a stockbroker specialising in investments for wealthy private
clients. Clients expect regular reports on how their portfolio of investments is performing and
updates on the profits or losses they have made.

As a new recruit to the company you are required to develop a flexible spreadsheet to assist in
the real-time tracking of the value of a portfolio of shares held by clients of Wallstreet

Project Requirements
Upon opening an account with your firm clients provide an initial payment of at least $100,000
which will be split between cash and the recommended portfolio of shares.

Your spreadsheet should contain a list of shares held by the client, the number purchased and
the original purchase price.

As an environmentally focused investment firm – Wallstreet Investments splits investments in
the portfolio into Green and non-Green stocks (e.g. petro chemical vs. windfarm) and ensures
clients that at least 40% of their portfolio will be invested in Green stock at any one time. Stocks
when chosen for addition to the portfolio are deemed “Green” or “non-Green” by the user.

Multiple shares may be purchased in a given stock at different times and for different prices.
The current valuation of all the shares owned in that particular company should be represented
by the spreadsheet. Current valuations should be sourced from a suitable website (MSN,
Bloomberg, NASDAQ etc.)

It should be easy for users of the spreadsheet to indicate that a stock has been purchased and
the purchase price. Similarly, it should be easy to sell all or part of a portfolio at the current
market price. The spreadsheet should track transactions and the current portfolio and its

The spreadsheet should present a dashboard summarising the portfolio of shares that the client
has invested in. It should show the performance of the portfolio against standard market indices
(FTSE 100 and the NASDAQ for example) for the period in which the fund was invested. The
dashboard should show the proportion of Green and non-Green assets in the portfolio.
It should be possible to view this summary in a browser window and e-mail the summary to the

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