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1. Get your literature review ready due due 5/9/21 by 2355

a)You need to select a minimum of 5 research articles (peer-reviewed primary sources)from the literature search that was conducted to justify the PICOT question.

b) Next analyze all articles selected. You need to pay attention to how the research question, purpose, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion of the paper and how these support the research question. Add your knowledge about research to it and how this affects nursing practice. Last, write a short paper (3-6 pages in total). Include both in-text citation and a complete reference list for all the articles you reviewed.

2. Make sure you review the grading rubric. The elements on the rubric will inform your grade for the assignment.

3. Ensure to submit two copies of your Literature Review assignment. One to the submission button and the other copy to the Turn it in link below.

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