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Engage in Hispanic culture within the local community. You will have several options to choose from, and then you will write a reflection in English

about the experience.

> Choose an option from the numbered list and write a reflection about your experience (will be provided). In addition, you should

show some form of proof that you completed the activity. Proof could range from listing the name and email address of the person you interviewed or a website or a his-panic store (we can discuss the proof don’t worry) . At a minimum, your reflection should include answers to the following questions:

o What did you do?

o What did you learn about Hispanic culture, language, and/or the community around you?

How do your observations compare and/or contrast with another topic in culture or

language? (Ex: In a typical American supermarket, you do XYZ this way. In the Hispanic

store I visited, you do XYZ this way.)

o What can your cultural and/or linguistic observations show about the way a culture

perceives something or a linguistic element allows the construction of meaning? (Ex: Doing

XYZ in a typical American supermarket shows that general American culture might place

value on XYZ. Doing XYZ in the Hispanic store I visited shows that perhaps Hispanic culture

places value on XYZ.)

2 pages at least, MLA formatted

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