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1st question:

Google a health care organization in your community – hospital, clinic, group medical practice, nursing home, home health agency. Search for information on the board or governing body. What did you find out?

Then, answer the posted question:

“What liability does a corporation have for the actions of its governing body, officers and administrators, employees, and independent contractors? Should the liability be different with contractors than with employees?

2nd question:

While the Good Samaritan law is not an acronym, the source of the name is significant. Do we know why? And, why this is associated with the particular law?

3rd question:

In the private sector, there are no significant limitations per se on an employee’s exposure to the liabilities associated with risks. What are some way that you as a healthcare manager can protect yourself from lawsuit?

4th Question:

Define and discuss the term ‘tort’. Exactly what does it mean

  1. Define and give an exmaple of an intentional tort?
  2. Define and give an exmaple of an unintentional tort?
  3. Should we have limits place on how much money should be awarded for a tort?

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