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Discussion #9

Women played a significant role initiating and supporting reform during this period. Some began to argue for equality, claiming that they deserved the same rights as men. In 1848 the “Declaration of Sentiments” was issued at Seneca Falls, New York. Included among the resolutions was the proposal that women should be granted the right to vote. Needless to say, it did not pass, but the Women’s Rights Movement was born.

In order to prepare for this discussion, you must first complete the following readings.

    • Review and identify the relevant sections in Chapter 12.
    • Read the linked Resolutions proposed in the document, The Declaration of Rights and Sentiments, which were presented at the Seneca Falls Convention.

After you have completed your readings, please post your response to only ONE of the following questions.

    1. From your readings, identify a reform movement in which women played a major role or one which denied their participation. In your opinion, why were they more effective in this particular one, or excluded from the other?
    2. Examine the Resolutions. What do they tell you about the goals of the early Women’s Rights Movement? What do they also tell you about the prejudices women would have to overcome to gain the equality they sought?

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