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Pick any injury: Achilles tendinopathy

To begin to learn about individual injuries, for this course, you will write a 1200-1500 word paper (not including figures, tables or pictures) discussing the following components as related to your selected upper extremity injury supported by current evidence:

  • Describe the selected injury according to the rubric
  • Select appropriate treatment techniques and rehabilitative exercises
  • Support selected treatment techniques and rehabilitative exercises with current evidence and cite EVERYTHING that is not your original thought in the paper.

Paper Format

  1. 1200-1500 word, typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri font only, AMA format preferred (include title page, page headers, page numbering, headings, references and appendices), APA format accepted. Page count does not include title page, references or appendices. See CANVAS resources as well as instructor for help with AMA formatting.
  2. You must have at least 6 references. At least 4 must be from peer-reviewed journals. References must not be more than 5 years old. Course materials and textbooks may be used, but must be cited and referenced appropriately using AMA format. Lack of appropriate citations and references is plagiarism and will result in a zero on the paper.
  3. Spelling and grammar count. Proofread your paper. Utilize friends who are good writers and the writing center on campus.
  4. Use visuals to help illustrate ideas (Hint: pictures with a written description are a good way to describe exercises).
  5. See examples for AMA format and how to cite pictures, figures, do the reference list etc. on CANVAS.

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