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Remark: Students are advised to read all instructions before writing the assignment.

Learning outcomes to be covered by this assignment:

1. Students will gain a basic comprehension of several ethical theories and concepts.

2. Students will be able to apply the concepts to specific issues and problems confronting modern businesses.

3. Students will be able to explain and to think critically about the ethical dimensions and outcomes of contemporary business decisions and practices.

4. Through the simulation, students should be able to appreciate and understand clearly the moral dilemma faced by businesses.

Scope of the Assignment

This assignments aims to help in developing independent as well as collaborative learning skills. Students are expectedto work in groups forcompleting the assignment applying conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills. Student can complete the assignment by using online /library resources.


1. Discuss the importance of Business Ethics, how moral standards and moral development stages linked with ethics? What is corporate social responsibility, is ethical relativism right?

2. What is the utilitarian approach to moral decision making? How do human rights apply to business situations? Discuss with the help of examples.

3. Why is a perfectly competitive free market said to be desirable from an ethical point of View?

4. Is the relationship between a business and its customers merely a contract, or is there more to it? How far must manufacturers go to make their product safe?

Choose only 2 question.

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