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Objective 1: Describe factors related to administering a Christian education program.

Administering a Christian education program requires prayerful application of biblical principles. This week we will explore how to administer a Christian education program.

Learning Activity #2: Christian Education Planning Paper
Read chapter 11 of your Aukerman textbook. Write a two to three-page paper describing the four key considerations in Christian education planning. Apply these to your local church or a church with which you are familiar.

Four Considerations:

1. God’s call on indiviuals and the church.

2. Spiritual gifts and resources.

3. Where God Holy Spirit is already at work in our mist.

4. Community and church needs

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:

  • A description of the four key elements of educational ministry planning.
  • Application of these four key elements to a local church.
  • A minimum of two references are required beyond the Bible and textbook.
  • Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in your syllabus to guide your efforts.

Objective 3: Specify the proper use of curriculum material.

Proper use of curriculum is needed to help a class or small group. The curriculum is a guide for teaching and the leadership of a group. Curriculum provides a defined course of action leading toward a specific goal.

Learning Activity #6: Curriculum Case Study
Read Chapter 14 of your textbook. In one to two pages, respond to the case study scenario below.

In this case study, you have been given the task of selecting new curriculum for an educational ministry. For the purposes of this exercise, you may determine the age level and purpose of the group. Using the material from Chapter 11 of the text, how would you decide on a specific curriculum? Complete research on curriculum that is available for your chosen group and explain why you would use a specific curriculum for that group.


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