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Compare and contrast the ways in which “Catch” by Francis and “A Study of Reading Habits” by Larkin contend with the themes of learning and education.

When I was reading and trying to do the contrast between the two poems in “catch” you can see how there are two boys that seem to really just being silly and not really thinking of what they are wanting to write about. They do however see that hey do need to focus on the poem and make sure they do write something that makes sense as a writer. When I was reading “A Study of Reading Habits” you can see how the writer is talking about how he is really focused on the poem but at the same time does not seem to put as much effort into it. So you can see the difference in the two, but at the same time you can see how both has to do with even though they are writing a poem it does not make you any less as a man and you can still fight with the best of them, and still be cool as well.

Please write a peer review to this post. You must make a substantive and thoughtful initial post of 250 words or more MLA.

Discuss the increase of oral sexually transmitted diseases in females.

One reason for the increase of oral sexually transmitted diseases in females is that they perform oral sex more often than men. According to Borreli 2016, women doubled the number of men who performed oral sex without reciprocation. Women also experienced less enjoyment from performing oral sex than men, which made me wonder: why do it? According to Borreli 2016 half of their participants felt “pressured at some point to engage in oral sex by either partners, peers, the influence of traditional gender roles, or as the result of inadequate sex education.” Borreli 2016, also made a note about the 1960’s sexual revolution that opened the doors to sexual behaviors that were seen as devious prior to this time, again accounting for the increase of women performing oral sex.

ion I think the increase is credited to all of the reasons above but especially from ignorance. Most young girls think oral sex is safer, not realizing the risks associated with it. I have two teenage daughters who I had a conversation with about oral herpes because I had no idea that a “cold sore” was a form of herpes. Since it is not considered the “worst” form of herpes it is overlooked and brushed off as harmless but it is not, it, like any other STI/STD can be transmitted. I think we need to be more informed about STIs/STDs and pass that information on to our children/youth. It is not enough to tell someone “just don’t do it”, there has to be reasoning behind it.

Respond to the initial posting of your peer.


  • 250 words or more
  • Accompanied by a citation (referenced at the end of your response posting)
  • All replies should be based on information derived from the texts or a professional, outside source (not Wikipedia)
  • Written according to APA format
  • Points will be given for proper grammar, spelling, organization, length, citations, content of the knowledge, reasoning, and APA citation and referencing

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