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Alternative Research Proposal

For your proposal, you identified a topic and chose a type of research method (qualitative or quantitative). For this assignment use the research method NOT used in your proposal. In other words, if you used a qualitative research method in your proposal, then use a quantitative method for this assignment and vice versa. Write a brief description outline of a research study using the alternative method. You can use a new topic or rewrite your original research question in a format suited to your alternative research design method, one suited to the type of research you are conducting.

Begin with a research question (you may use one you wrote for the PICOT exercise). This assignment should be no longer than 1-2 pages. Keep it brief; it is not another full proposal!

Make sure you address the following questions and issues:

What is your research question?

What is the type of study design?

What is your proposed target population; the population of interest?

How will you recruit your sample subjects; your sampling method?

What is your proposed sample size?

What are your inclusion and exclusion criteria?

What types of measurement/ study tools will you use or how will you gather your data?

What is your data analysis method?

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