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(Taken from Lecture #9 – Discussion Questions)

Here is a thought I’ve had that you can help answer in your second discussion. There is plenty of talk about illegals coming into the US and taking jobs away from Americans. “They” say jobs and money are taken away from Americans that need or want it. Here are some things to think about.

Example 1 – Let’s say an illegal gets hold of a fraudulent social security card so he can “legally” work in the US. He is making money, but what about the money he is paying into the government? That is money he or she will never see again. For the US as a whole, it’s probly not a lot, but it’s more than nothing.

Example 2 – Let’s say an illegal works under the table for a rancher and is paid cash. A lot of this cash could be sent home to Mexico, Guatemala, etc. to support their family and their home country’s economy. In this case, very little money stays in the US for our economy or benefit.

While we are mentioning the cost, there are a few other things. What about healthcare that the US provides for illegals? What about the various costs of sanctuary cities, not just fiscal ones? Remember sanctuary cities basically refuse to enforce the ICE laws about deportation; there are about 300 of these cities. So, thinking about the 2 examples again, provide documentation for which one you think is more serious.

Continuing this thought to what has been presented this week, evaluate how both of these examples are involved in human smuggling crimes.

Discussions Rubric

10 points following directions (correct sources, word count, etc.) 300 words
10 points originality of post
10 points quality discussion of other student’s post
10 points APA formatting
10 points grammar
50 points total

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