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Read the article 18 technology predictions for 2018 and explore the website for the World Economic Forum 2018 Annual Meeting (links are posted in Weeks Two and Five folders).
After reading the article and exploring the website, post your thoughts on the following questions. Comment on at least two other students’ posts.
1. What do you believe are the most significant tech trends for the coming year?
2. Were there any surprises among the 18 tech predictions listed?
3. How does the article inform and influence your decision about where you might focus a NPD project for this course?
4. After exploring the World Economic Forum website, describe the major concerns highlighted in the WEF agenda? Do you agree that these are major concerns for society? What concerns would you add?
5. How does your exploration of the WEF website inform and influence your perspective on NPD and a focus for your NPD project for this course?

6. Review the article from the Economist


follow the insturction by using those 3 links i provided. Mainly focus on the second link( 18 technology predicitions for 2018).

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