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As you finish this research and program evaluation course, take a few minutes to look back on all you have learned and relate it to your future career plans.

Do you plan to pursue further graduate work where you will need to directly apply these research skills to your own original research? Or do you plan to directly enter practice? For the latter scenario, application of information from this course is required during:

  • Evaluation of current research in mental health counseling
  • Application of that research to your practice


In a minimum of 300 words, post to the Discussion Area your response to the following:

  • From your perspective, what design strategy do you most closely align with? If you go on for further graduate studies that require you to conduct original research, what type of study do you see yourself conducting: a quantitative study, a qualitative study, or a mixed-methods study? Why?
  • In which areas or skills related to research evaluation and application do your strengths lie? What personal skills do you need to strengthen in order to effectively apply research to your future practice?

Read all of your fellow students’ postings and respond to more than two of your classmates’ posts and comments on current practice and future plans or additional strategies. Ensure that your responses are constructive to other students and keep your language in check.

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