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I have a case study which is upload here and following questions which needs to be answered in a brief write-up (no more than 5 pages)(keep write up in a narrative firm)

  • What path did hackers take in committing the data theft at Target?
  • How was the data breach discovered? What actions did Target have to take to understand scope of the breach?
  • What type of records were compromised?
  • What was the eventual cost to Target from this data breach? was that cost comparable to cost incurred by other firms that have incurred similar breaches?
  • What steps CIO and other IT managers could have taken to protect customer data at Target? Include both managerial controls and technical control that could have prevented the intrusion?
  • Were public relations and investor relations managed well in the period after the data breach became apparent? Are there additional steps you would recommend to other organizations for PR and IR management?
  • Has Target recovered from the crisis?

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