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Africans in America, pages 113-212.

Written Assignment : In a short written piece of 2-3 full paragraphs (250-350 words), briefly describe and compare/contrast the experiences during the period of the American Revolution of any two of the people discussed in this segment of the assigned reading.

Prep Questions (prepare for class discussion using the material from these questions):

1) (113-127) What do these images and documents show about changes andcontinuities in African American life during the Revolutionary Era compared to the previous 150 years of the development of slavery? Describe 2 specific aspects of African American life that changed and 2 that remained the same during or after the Revolutionary Era.

2) (129-142, 162-63, 168, 170, 183-84, 185, 190, 192-94, 202-211, 212): Make a list with brief descriptions of 4-5 ways that the lives of Broteer (aka Venture Smith) and George Washington compared or contrast. How did the two men experience the same time period in different manners? How was freedom important to each and how did each obtain it?

3) (138-154, 161-162) Choose 2-3 specific quotations or events that illustrate how Christianity was important in the lives of slaves? How did Phillis Wheatley in particular reconcile her condition with her new religion?

4) (154-198) How did Black Americans experience the events of the Revolutionary era? Take brief notes on the experiences of: a) Crispus Attucks; b) Peter Salem; c) Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation; d) “A Soldier for the Crown”; e) Boston King; f) Colonel Tye; g) Elizabeth Freeman, aka, “Mum Bett.”

5) (198-212 and earlier) Briefly describe two specific ways that the institution of slavery was affected by the American Revolution (i.e., what changed as a result of the war and the Declaration of Independence)?

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