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“Week 9 Discussion” Ch. 10 – Internal Selection: After reading Ch. 10, review Exhibit 10.8 and scan the predictors listed in the left column. This exhibit shows an example of substantive assessment methods, which could be used for internal selection. Each of these methods are discussed starting on p. 515. Be sure to respond to both parts of this week’s discussion.

Please respond to the following:

  • Choose three (3) internal selection methods/factors that you believe would be most reliable for promoting employees within an organization. Next, describe two (2) reasons why an individual should consider these three (3) factors when promoting employees within an organization. Justify your response.
  • Based on the case study Changing a Promotion System (Pg. 531 – Pg. 532), determine what you believe are the three (3) primary weaknesses in BioGlass Inc.’s promotion policy. Next, describe two (2) solutions to address the identified weaknesses. Support your rationale.

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