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The stigma of mental illness:

Your textbook describes how being labeled as having a mental illness changes not only the way a person is viewed by other people, but the way a person views herself.Consider and respond to the following questions and be sure to incorporate factual content from the textbook, viable sources from the internet, or any other appropriate resource. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE CONTENT FROM THE PHOTOS ATTACHED IN UPLOAD FORM.

Minimum word count: 600 words

Discuss what labeling theory is and how the principles of labeling theory apply to mental illness diagnoses.

What is the role of social status and the social distance between the patient and the mental health professional in the likelihood of being labeled, and what does that label look like?

What might be the impact of a mental illness label on a person searching for a job or housing?

What impact might there be of a label on someone’s social, family, and romantic relationships?

How might the effects of these labels be different for people of different social status?

How might people of greater social status be able to reduce the negative effects of labels?


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