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Beowulf Episode 6-7

1.How does Grendel’s mother “greet” Beowulf?What happens?

2. Describe the monster’s lair.

3.What does Beowulf realize about his trusted sword, Hrunting?What is his solution to the problem?

4. Why does Grendel’s mother fight so fiercely against Beowulf?

5 What saves Beowulf from being killed by Grendel’s mother’s dagger?

6. What does Beowulf find on the wall, and what is unique about it?

7. What gives Beowulf the strength to continue the fight?

8. How does Beowulf use this object to fight Grendel’s mother?

9.What does Beowulf do to Grendel for final revenge?

10. What characteristics of an epic hero does Beowulf display during his fight with Grendel’s mother?

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