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What are some of the problems you have had in the past with the study of literature? Are there any forms of literature that you particularly enjoy or forms that you have problems with?
In the past, what are some things that teachers have done that have seemed to help you “get it”? Or, what do you think teachers COULD have done to help you understand literature better?
As for writing, what do you KNOW your strengths and weaknesses with writing are? Were you taught how to write an argumentative/persuasive essay either in English 1301 or in high school?
Are you familiar with the basic of the MLA format for documenting outside information in your essays?

( i truly dislike the study of literature. teachers didnt show a interest in helping me they just wanted me to get the work done. i dont really have any strengths and my biggest weakness is getting a paper to stretch past 2 pages i only know the basics of writing a persuasive essay and i am familiar with mla format)

try to stretch the answers in the parentheses to be 200 words you can add words as you see fit but just be sure to include whats in the parentheses

thank you.

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