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This portfolio work project asks you to analyze the strategic process using the AFI framework. This analysis will clearly demonstrate your ability to think critically and strategically, and to use evidence to support your thinking.

INSTRUCTIONS:Write a 3-4-page academic paper that analyzes the key components of a strategic planning framework, assesses the value of using a strategic planning framework, and explains the role of leadership in the strategic planning process. Focus your article on the strategic planning process and the use of a strategic planning framework.

Scenario: You work for a management consulting firm that makes regular contributions to a national publication created to help new businesses and entrepreneurs. Your boss has asked you to write an article on the importance of strategic planning for an upcoming issue.

Deliverable Format:

  • The Strategic Process is an academic document and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines, which can be found in the MBA Program Resources in the courseroom navigation panel.
  • In addition to the analysis, include:
  • 3–4 pages in length, in addition to the title and references pages.
  • Written for new businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • Title page.
    • References page.
    • APA formatting.


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