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Chapters 3 & 4

Q1Eureka! New Office Eureka staff ( 45 employee) answers the phone and respond to requests entered on the Eureka! Web site.Much of their work is spent on the phone and on computers searching on the Internet and using the e-mail. The company does not use large data bandwidth. They have just leased a new office space in the same building and are about to wire it. The new place is going to be extension of their current office. They are planning to place additional 10 people with desktop computers.

What media would you suggest they install in their new office and why?


The communication media:

The reason:

Q2Speedy Package

1.) Assuming that each label is 1000 bytes long, how long does it take to transmit one label over the cell network, assuming that the cell phone network operates at 14 kbps (14,000 bits per second and that there are 8 bits in a byte)?

2.) If Speedy were to upgrade to the new, faster digital phone network that transmits data at 114 Kbps (114,000 bits per second) how long would it take to transmit?



Q3 Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith

Smith, Smith, Smith, and Smith (S4) is a regional accounting firm will be moving to a new four-story building.There will two Local Area Network in each floor. In each LAN, twisted pair cabling have been used to connect the client computers to the local switch. In addition, all eight LANs will be connect to each other via Coaxial Cables.

They are very concerned with network errors and how to come up with counter measures.

  • List possible network errors sources
  • What Causeseach errors
  • What advice would you give them in the design of the building and network cable planning that would help reduce network errors?
    • Flags : 16 bits
    • Address : 8 bits
    • Control : 8 bits
    • CRC : 32 bits


Q4 Network efficiency

“Smart-Toys-Smart Kids” is a toy manufacturing company. They are providing toys to more than 100 different Toy retail stores in the region. The company has 500 employees. The IT Manager of the company is planning to improve the network’s efficiency between his employees and the retail stores. This is to move the highest possible volume of accurate information through the network. The higher the volume, the greater the resulting network’s efficiency and the lower the cost. “Smart-Toys-Smart Kids” IT manager decided to apply SDLC Transmission protocol. And, they would like to have Transmission Efficiency of 95%.

The parameters of the transmission

Bits allocated for

What would be number of bits they would allocate for the information to meet the Transmission Efficiency goal? You would be calculating the bit number which can be used for information ( the message).

Show your calculation


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