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Please read all questions carefully ; and utilize the PowerPoint slides when developing the answers for the exam

1- In previous class lectures, we discussed using different types of individual assessment methods to measure academic performance (i.e. reading, math, writing), to inform teaching and learning, and to determine eligibility for Specific Learning Disability. Please describe the differences between Norm Referenced and Criterion Referenced assessment tests.

a. Define each.

b. What is the primary purpose of each assessment?

c. What are the roles of each assessment in special education?

2- With your knowledge of multitiered support, please define Response to Intervention (RTI). What are the three processes?

3- If a student was having reading difficulties in the classroom and you were assigned to assess their patterns of strengthens and weaknesses, what “Big Five” areas of reading would you assess? What type of assessment would you use to assess the students’ difficulties (e.g. Criterion referenced or Normed referenced) and why?

4- What are the four steps in the Instructional Hierarchy? Please list and describe each of the four steps and identify an effective strategy that would help a student learn at each step.

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