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Pretend you are a reporter for the New York University student newspaper and are assigned to cover the graduation speech featuring singer Pharrell Williams. Watch the speech at this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

It is about 10 minutes long, which for a graduation speech is quite short.

This is the speech that he gave in May 2017 to the NYU graduates. You should use the past tense since this event happened.

The story must have these elements:

A good lede (not: Singer Pharrell Williams spoke at New York University’s commencement address on Saturday.) The lede might pull out something that he said like Singer Pharrell Williams challenged the graduates of New York University to become active in the women’s rights movement during his commencement remarks Saturday.)

Proper attribution.

Direct quotations.

Indirect quotations.

Background (look up information on Williams and the size of NYU)

Strive for 350-500 words.

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