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Intriguing Strategies I Intend to Try

As I mentioned earlier in the semester I would like you to have a range of teaching strategies that work for SWD and other at risk students. One excellent place for this information is the IRIS website. All of the material on this site has been approved as best practice as it relates to IDEA and NCLB.

Go to the following part of the IRIS website: HYPERLINK “”…

Go to Resources/Iris Resource Locator/Resource Type/Information Brief dropdown list.

You will see a long list of links to articles about many topics.

Scan the topics and specific Information Brief titles and select several Briefs about which you would like to know more.

For four of the Information Briefs, write a one paragraph summary and statement about how you may use the information or strategy in the future; this means one paragraph for each, four total.

FYI: part of my purpose in asking you to spend some time on this site is to familiarize you with it for future reference.

Post your response to D2l/Assignments/Strategies I Plan (10 points)

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