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each assignment requires 1000 words minimum,composed in your own words. your paper must be single spaced,11 point font size, on a regular 8.5 x 11 paper size with 1″margin. your name must be at the top,with this title; paper two for PHIL .

your paper must have two parts:

First,explain how descartes separates all reality into four different areas. Be sure to describe what sorts of things exits within each area of reality. Then explain why descartes thinks that philosophy can know that each of those four area really exists.

Second,explain how descartes reaches his conclusion that the mind must be entirely different from matter (anything bodily or physical) . Why does descartes think that nothing is in common to both of them ? indoor answer, be sure to describe what the mind is really like, and what material bodies are really like, according to descartes.Then explain why descartes cannot see where the mental world and the physical world could ever have anything in common.

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