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I leave the creative process of how you approach the assigment to you, i.e. the Skincare product for men globally.

Create a new brand: A skincare brand for the global men’s cosmetics market. For this new brand, you must identify its country/place of origin, product proposition (product attributes and benefits), target audience, brand name, brand differentiation in the category, brand positioning statement, and recommended advertising tagline. To showcase your work, you will create a non-technical Brand Sales Presentation (maximum 12 Powerpoint pages) suitable for using in a Retail Sales Pitch, in the case of the skincare brand.

– First part is an essay answering the following quesitons:

1) A description of the rationale of how your brand will create, deliver, and capture value for itself as well as the customer. What is your brand idea? From which country does your brand originate? What makes this important? How does this contribute to the brand’s value? What is your brand’s name? Naming rationale. ~350 words

2) What is your brand’s purpose in the life of its customers? E.g. -IKEA’s vision isn’t just to sell furniture, but rather, to “create a better everyday life.” ~50 words

3) Brand Value Proposition is a business or marketing statement that summarizes why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. This statement should convince a potential consumer that one particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than other similar offerings. ~200 words

4) In what specific category will your brand compete? if skincare—what specific segment? if restaurant—what segment of fast-food? What is the competitive set? Against which other brands does your brand primarily compete? ~150 words

5) Demographics, psychographics. Primary audience, and potential secondary audience(s). Target Customer Persona: Create a 360° description of the ideal target customer: name, age, gender, education, location, job, income, household details, life goals, values, fears, etc. ~200 words

6) How much will it cost? Pricing strategy. 75 words

7) What is its brand positioning? What are the reasons to believe the brand positioning? Why is it true? What is your brand’s key competitive differentiation? How is differentiation achieved? What makes it unique? Special features or attributes. ~400 words

8) What is your brand’s personality? (Think of your brand as a person and describe the desired personality.) What emotional benefits are associated with your brand? ~75 words

9) What’s is your brand’s identifiable DNA? The characteristics that are core to your brand, without which your brand would not be itself. ~200 words

10) What is your brand’s story? The narrative that describes the creation, inspiration, and sustaining value of your brand. ~350 words

11) What are your brand’s style guidelines? Color palate Graphic style Mood board(separate attachment)

12) What experiential mode does your brand express? Sense, feel, think, act, or relate. Does your brand relate to the “heart” or to the “head”? Why? ~100 words

13) What is the global context for your brand? Will its positioning need to be modified for different regions/countries of the world, or is it globally relevant? What plan do you have to sustain your brand long term? ~300 words

14) What is your brand’s advertising campaign main idea? What is the campaign tagline? f your brand were to hire one person to represent the brand in advertising, who would that be? Rationale/fit with target customers ~200 words

15) What are any special features of your brand? E.g. social impact, key sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, high profile founder etc. ~50 words

Part 2: Brand Pitch Deck (8-12 PPT slides only)For skincare, you are pitching your new brand to the head buyer of a key targeted retailer

The word count is a rough estimate, just to give you a guideline. Answer each question to the best of your abilities.

– Essay and Powerpoint pitch

– APA citations for the essay

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