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TOPIC – Human Trafficking – How bad is human trafficking?

Complete your Research Proposal using the attached guideline. Literally, start typing into the guideline (to preserve the formatting) rather than making a new document that matches this form (KEEP THE BOLDED TITLES, WRITE BELOW THEM) While your submission must be at least 2000 words long, you will likely require more words to feel good about your work.

Follow this rubric – guidelines are attached.

10 points for grammar, spelling and writing style
10 points for correctly formatting the paper
15 points for a convincing background and properly stated research problem
20 points for properly stated hypotheses and at least 5 defined terms
20 points for the literature review, focusing on completeness of the literature, clear relationship between the resulting study design and the literature covered and good organization of points.
15 points for methods and procedure section with an emphasis on following the directions included in the guideline.
10 points for the references to be correctly and completely formatted in the APA style.

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