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Question 1-

You should first read Chapters 21 and 23 from Argument Today. These chapters are fundamental to putting finishing touches on your project to make sure that the optics match up with what you are trying to prove (remember the thesis!)

share with the class where you stand with your project, what you’ve completed/decided, and what your next step is. This should be about a paragraph and be as specific as possible. If you’re willing to be candid, you’ll probably find that others are having the same issues and you can put your heads together. Remember back in the introduction to Argument Today that meaningful collaboration with peers is how a great deal of writing is created. This project is no exception!

For the second element in your initial post, you should state at least 3 considerations from this week’s reading that you will be applying to your work (please cite with a page number from the Argument Today text) and how you will apply them to your project. This will serve as a quick and painless workshop for sharing ideas.

Question 2-

You will be posting an analysis of one of the example projects from the “Virginia Lynne” source from Week 12. It’s also attached to the link for this assignment in Week 13 for your convenience. If you refer back to the “Questions to Ask When Reading,” you’ll have a good idea of the types of observations to make. Also, use what we’ve learned so far about the unique challenges and strengths of visual presentation to decide if the presenter(s) had a clear thesis that was developed fully.

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