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I am going to do the video interview of john hopkins carey business
school for msf degree ?Can you answer each question for 75-150 words

:Describe a movie that has inspired you.

:Describe your ideal career.

:How your friends thinking about u?

:Is Carey your best choice,why?

:make an example shows your detail-oriented

:talk about your leadership.

talk about one of your failed project.

:What books are now on your desk?

:What you admire most of your fellow team members?

:What matters to you most?

:What field you want to develop?

:Is Carey your top choice and why?

:How do you manage your yesterday?

:How do you organize and plan for major project?

:How do you make difficult decisions?

:What do you benefit from a failure in your life?

:Tell me about a time when you persuade others to accept your opinion.

:What is your long term career goal?

:Most challenging part to start a master degree.

:Why do you want to pursue graduate degree in the US?

:What do you looking for in you first job after graduation

:What is your way to listen and be responsible?

:What makes you unique?

:Do you prefer routine or frequent changes in your work?

:How do you rate your analytical ability?

:how do you think about your interpersonal skill

:talk an experience you how you solve a problem

:Describe a time when you took initiative.

:What makes you believe that Carey is your right choice?

:Tell something about what is not included in your resume.

:What are your advantages and shortness?

:Describe a situation where you have to make unpopular decision.

:Describe your management skills.

:What are your key facts?

:What do you do outside of work?

:What are effective communication skills?

:Talk about your long term goals.

:Benefit of failure.

:Approach to make difficult decisions.

:What makes you happy and fulfilled?

:What you have not done before and want to try in the future, why?

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