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Environmental Scanning Exercise:

This needs to be APA Formatted, along with max of 3 pages, and an additional page for references. Since this is a graduate level course, minimum is 3 references. I am attaching the format to be used along with examples of how it needs to be done. Ensure you do all three countries, as in the examples I am attaching. If you have questions, feel free to ask me. Just don’t bid and not understand what is needed and within the time limit. I have tried this three times now, and the first two did not read what I put. Follow the examples, list the references, and use what I have said below. The word document goes into more detail on this. This is needed to be completed ASAP and at a Graduate Level.

Recommendation: In your report (max. length 3 pages), explore three countries (which I have chosen Mexico, China, and Canada). you think may be viable for your team’s expatriate packet which the industry is Manufacturing, Misc. Look at updates from the United States State Department, and you might want to look at other websites listed in the Web Links file within the Helpful Resources tab. Note: there was no websites listed other than SHRM really on here and these :

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