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I have my essay, but I feel like it’s all over the place. I think there are mistakes grammatically, in writing a thesis for each paragraph, and just the message I’m trying to get through. What I’m trying to say is that it is not coherent, because it could be split into 3 different themes: (1)Orders and prohibitions, (2)polemic, (3)enticement and intimidation. I was thinking for themes 1 & 3 they could be integrated and the third theme would be something like rewards maybe? I have remarks from my first draft that could help more.

The question I’m trying to answer in my paper is: If you think sura 5 is not a coherent text but rather a collection of originally independent texts that were joined together later, then how many such texts are there in this sura, and where do they begin and end? Do these texts exhibit any structure of their own? Why do you think these texts did not originally belong together? To answer this question, you can point to ways in which one text is disconnected from what precedes and follows it (i.e. there are abrupt transitions). You can also note ways in which the phraseology and message of one text stand in tension with or even contradict the terminology and teaching of another text (or other texts) in the sura. Can you think why these independent texts were eventually put together?

Your response should be based primarily on the text of sura 5. No outside resources.

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