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1. Compare and contrast the first account of creation (Priestly source) and the

second account (Yahwist source), noting at least three specific differences

(style, geographical description, way of describing God, way of describing

creation of man and woman). Be sure that you understand why they are

referred to as two accounts?

2. How does the first account describe the creation of man and woman? Does the

second account describe it in the same way? Is woman portrayed as “inferior”

in the second account? You take a position but be able to support it.

3. *Is “dominion theory” a license for humans to exploit the earth?What is an

encyclical Letter? What is the main topic of “Laudato Si” and who is its

author? Why is care for the earth a theological issue?

4. *What is the difference between Tribal Confederacy and Monarchy? How

does David consolidate power and Make Israel a nation? What is the “sin of

David”, and how might it have affected the Davidic covenant? Who is Nathan

and how is he function as a prophet?

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