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I could not upload a picture but this is the assignment overview:

Research Paper: Rough Draft Due June 4th. Final draft Due June 13th

Details: Forth this assignment you will research, write and present a research paper about a particular aspect of social media management. The idea is to pull information from your course texts, as well as from communication journals and other sources to demonstrate scholarly research associated with some element of social media.

The audience for this paper is working practitioners. Your job is to present existing research and describe how it should influence their efforts. Ideally, your paper will contain three parts:

Part 1: Introduction (Introduce your topic; introduce the background information and explain why it is worth of research)

Part 2: Literature review (present relevant research, including theories/ concepts that may drive outreach)

part 3: implication (Describe how these findings should influence practice of strategic communication (or social media using))


Paper- Your paper should be 10-12 double spaced pages (including references) and use atleast 10 sources to support your claims. Five of these should be academic sources (empirical studies from academic journals). Please use APA style to reference your sources.

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