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6 pages double spaced, times roman, font 12.

Explain Michel Foucault’s theory of “Panopticism”, relating to his understanding of “power”, “bio-power” or “governmentality”. (you should write 4 pages on this topic)

The selective topics are:

a) Compare Walter Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard, in their understanding of the relation between meaning (discourse) and object (material)

b) Explain how John Urry’s critique on “regional sociology” in order to justify the sociology of network in his mobile sociology theory

c) Explain the two terms “production of space” and “the right to the city” created by Henri Lefebvre and/or David Harvey.

You should select one out of the three, and write 2 pages on selected topic..

Illustrations are welcome to strengthen your arguments for both parts of the paper.

– if you are able to get a hold of the book (classical theory roots and branches) it provides the work of each theorist.

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