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Signature Assignment Title: Theory, Research, and Practice in Nursing

Signature Assignment Description/Directions: Presentation

nurse on the research and practice committee is preparing for an update
on evidence-based practice (EBP). There is a need to address the
potential changes with several EBP policies. This presentation will
examine the EBP policies as well as reasoning and rationale as to why
changes may be needed.

  • Choose an EBP topic and two scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Compare the difference between theory, research, and practice in nursing
  • Choose a theory that best correlates with the EBP practice change that you would like to make
  • Compare and contrast the quantitative and qualitative research article that you choose for the EBP topic
  • What technology did you use to locate the articles? Databases? Search terms?
  • What are the philosophical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives in the research articles that were chosen?
  • What are the ethical and scientific integrity issues related to the research?
  • How did your nursing knowledge advance through the utilization of research?

PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) or Impress® (Open Office) presentation
should be a minimum of 30 slides, including a title and reference slide,
with detailed speaker notes 25 words on content slides and recorded audio. Use
at least 6 scholarly sources APA format.

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