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This student found that imposing own values on clients while they are undergoing counseling goes against the ethics of counseling itself. Advice and help ought to be given to clients based on their individual and unique cases and should not be influenced by the experiences of the counselor. On this note, to ensure that value imposition is not possible onto clients, there are various ways that this can be avoided. One of these ways is ensuring that supervision is sought especially so in the cases of dealing with clients who are undergoing difficult situations that might lead the counselor to be tempted to try to influence the thoughts and decisions of the client based on their values. Taking this into consideration, therefore, clients with great differences in value, call for supervision on the part of the counselor. This helps the counselor be aware of the problem that the client is undergoing as well as putting their feelings aside. It is also important for the counselor to develop self-awareness (Corey, Corey & Callanan, 2007).

The counselor should get to conduct an in-depth analysis of their feelings, thoughts and even reactions towards the current case with the client that they are dealing with so that they do not influence the client’s decision based on their feelings. It allows the client to make decisions on a solely individual level apart from the influence of the counselor. Lastly, the counselor should maintain a neutral position at all times. This student believes, it is important that the counselor, even when sharing values with the client and disagreeing at some point, be neutral in listening and sharing their thoughts on what the client’s next step ought to be. This encourages the client to base their thoughts and decisions on what they have discovered about themselves without being influenced by the counselor. This also means that biases and judgment are not made part of the session or conversations with the client. It is an encouragement for both parties (Ibrahim & Heuer, 2016).

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