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Please read and follow the instructions bellow. Complete all 3 steps!

Introduction: Information, cyber, and security threats are a growing concern in the security industry. Contact a local business, institution or organization and obtain permission to review their internal policies or procedures for defense against such threats.

Directions: Complete the following practical application and submit your results.

1. Analyze the current information security, computer security, and
cyber security protection strategies implemented in a local business,
institution, or organization and estimate their level of penetration or
compromise, based on their internal policies and procedures.

2. Research a local business, institution, or organization near you and
obtain permission from the manager, owner, security officer, or computer
information officer (CIO), to assess their cyber security using the
attached Cyber Security Control Checklist

3. Next prepare a short reflective journal to discuss your findings and
recommendations for correcting any deficiencies identified. INCLUDE PICTURES!

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