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In week 1, an article was introduced:

  • Blum, J. (2008). 8 Steps to Writing: A Good, Very Good, Excellent Essay. Writing, 30(4), 12-15.

Here is another article that offers some tips on writing:

  • Kovach, R. (2010). 25 tips to sharpen your writing: Want to learn some ways to strengthen, energize, clarify and trim your Words? Here are a few tricks of the trade from a “writer” editor. Writer, 123(11), 28-55.
  • After reading the second article, offer your critique of the pointers provided by the author. Further, see if you can improve the article by applying some of those tips.

For the second part of this discussion forum, reflect on the following questions. Share your responses with your peers.

  • What activity(ies) did you find most helpful in developing your writing and research skills?
  • Which course objectives (refer to syllabus if necessary) will be valuable to you outside of this EN102 course?
  • What else do you feel you need to know to continue developing your writing and research skills?
  • What has helped you gain confidence in your writing abilities?

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