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Create a Reference Guide for General Education teachers working with students with disabilities outlining the following:

a. At least 5 key terms and concepts in Special Education. Be sure to include definitions as well as their impact on the education of the child.
b. Core Principles and Major provisions of IDEA
c. At least 5 methods of identifying the effectiveness of inclusion programs (see checklist on page 18 as a guide)
d. Solutions to at least 5 possible challenges that can result from inclusion


Using the information from the reference guide and (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., create a two brief toolkits: one for teachers and one for parents.

  • For teachers: what are the major points concerning their responsibilities mandated by law? What components of IDEA are crucial for teachers to know NOW so they can be in compliance with the law TOMORROW? Make sure to explain this in your own words so teachers can understand their responsibilities.
  • For parents: what is needed to be known about IDEA regarding students and parents rights, as mandated by federal law? Make sure to explain this in your own words so parents can understand their rights and how IDEA protects their child in an educational setting.


Analyze your beliefs related to inclusive practices, taking into account contemporary knowledge and expectations about effective instruction and educational access, as well as parent perspectives.

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