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Sampling with a Pair of Dice

Instructor’s Comments:

Discussion. The discussion is an exercise in using statistical observations and probability. Toss dice and calculate the average of the sums—do it for 10 and 20 tosses. You may use real dice—although the assignment directs you to a site to do it virtually. What happens? Hint—calculate the predicted average and then check the samples—is it closer for 20 or for 10 tosses? What do you think it should be?

Note: the correct link is

Go to the link:

  • Roll the 2 virtual dice and calculate the sum of the pair of virtual dice. Do this 10 times.
  • Then after you have rolled the virtual pair dice 10 times and calculated 10 sums calculate the average of these 10 sums.
  • Conduct this experiment again but this time roll the virtual pair of dice 20 times and calculate the 20 sums and then find the average of these 20 sums.
  • Post your results and discussion how this relates to this week’s lesson, particularly the Central Limit Theorem.

Eminent Domain

Read the following article: Do you think the government has too much power to seize property under the doctrine of eminent domain?

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