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Read the assignment instructions in the box below and provide a 500 word essay response. Please follow APA style and use in-text citations when referencing sources.

Click the assignment submission link below to submit your assignment by the deadline listed in the Course Schedule.

Assignment Instructions

Refer back to the two news articles on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and do a quick web search for additional information if necessary.

Consider and Address the following questions in an essay.

  • Who was General Shinseki?
  • What was the scandal or problem that occurred within the organization he was in charge of?
  • Identify three external actors or institutions that then put pressure (or were likely to put pressure) for change on the department? How did they do so? It is OK to think about institutions or actors not identified in the article … but be clear in explaining why and how they might pressure the department.

Using at least two references to cogent and appropriate material for this essay.

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