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In business, power and politics greatly influence an organizational culture in turn hinder organizational productivity. In your role as consultant you observed power and politics influence on the corporate culture.

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a double-spaced 5 to 7 page report that addresses the following:

  • Influence of Politics and Power
  • Sources of Power
  • Leadership Behavior and Culture
  • Leadership Influence
  • References and Citations
  • Explain how politics and power-play may have influenced the organization’s culture.
  • Explore the sources of power and describe how management could use this influence to benefit your department and improve organizational performance.
  • Make recommendations that support how the study of power and politics could influence leadership behavior and improve the organization’s culture.
  • Discuss the importance and complexity of leadership behavior. How does it influence organizational structure and performance?
  • Provide at least 2 quality resources.
  • In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source.
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